Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Proud Mom

This past Saturday was the district PSIA (Private School Interscholastic Association) competition. It's like UIL, but for private school and the kids compete in various academic competitions. Shauna was picked to represent her school in Storytelling and Creative Writing. Creative Writing was first at 9:00am. It was pretty chaotic at school where the competition was held because of so many kids being there. There were 10 private schools represented in this district and it was for 1st graders through middle school. That equals tons of active kids!

Shauna felt really good about her Creative Writing work but we had to wait 3 hours for the results. Only one bad thing in the day was when Shauna lined up to go to her Storytelling competition, a girl from another school yelled at her and made her cry. Really bad timing - but I tried to be cheerful and tell her not to let it ruin her day but I think it did affect her a bit. (Is it bad that the protective Mom side of me wanted to smack that little girl?) I got to watch the Storytelling competition and thought all the kids did great. Shauna received a qualifier ribbon for her effort in Storytelling.

When they gave the awards for Creative Writing, they started with the qualifier ribbons. When all those were given out, it dawned on Shauna that it meant she was going to be receiving a medal! The look on her face was priceless as they awarded medals and her name was yet to be called. Her best friend, Katya, took 3rd place in Creative Writing and Shauna took 2nd place! We are so proud of both girls! Unfortunately, in this competition only the 1st place finisher gets to go to state, unlike the other areas where the top 2 go. Shauna was disappointed in that, but we told her she did great to finish 2nd among all those students! I need to post a picture of Shauna with her medal but forgot the camera at home today.

While we were at competition, our Furbaby #2 (Holly), had a major injury on her leg. We think she got caught in a barbed wire fence. Hubby was home doing homework but had to change plans to rush her to the vet. The cut was so bad (bone exposed - sorry if TMI) that they had to knock her out to fix it surgically. She's doing okay now but I feel so sorry for her wearing that lampshade thing on her head so she doesn't pull out the stiches and staples.


  1. Give Shauna a high-five for me.

    Oh, and next time go up and smack the other kid's parents.

  2. Yeah for Shauna! Glad Holly is doing better.