Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had a very busy weekend but it was lots of fun. First, Shauna had a softball game on Thursday and two on Saturday. She did fabulous! She plays for the Lil Rebels. At this age, they do coach pitch and get 3 chances to hit off the pitch. If they don't, they get to hit off a tee. Shauna was able to hit off the coach in all 3 games until the very last at bat, but she got a great hit off the tee then too! They also rotate positions, which she doesn't care for - she wants to be able to stick to 2nd base. She got to play short stop, 3rd base, 1st base and pitcher (although not really pitching) as well. I can tell she really loved it because she told her Grammy "I think I've found my calling. I LOVE softball". No idea where she heard the phrase "my calling" - very grown up coming from a little girl!

Here are a couple pictures. They aren't the best quality because the batteries died in my camera, so these were taken with my smart phone.

Shauna playing short-stop. She looks all ready!

Taking off to 1st after her hit.

As mentioned in the last post, here is a picture of Shauna showing off her PSIA medal and ribbon.

We also had a great time at Shauna's birthday party. She turns 7 on the 8th and we had a gymnastics party. The kids all seemed to have a great time and as usual, I loved visiting with all the parents.

Shauna and I leave on Friday for a trip to Oklahoma to visit my grandparents. It will be a very quick weekend trip but we haven't seen them in long time. Shauna might go back this summer with my parents for a longer trip. It's important for her to get to spend time with her great-grandparents while they are still with us.

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  1. "my calling..." that is hilarious but is so Shauna! Glad she enjoys something her Mom did too. Have fun in OK!