Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Courtesy People!!

I must ask, why is it that most normal people turn into crazy, raging, idiotic, rude people when they get behind a car? So working in Houston, I sit in terrible traffic quite often and encounter all kinds. Really, if someone is trying to get out of a parking lot somewhere, is it really going to get you to where you are going faster if you purposely block them in? I think there are some courtesy rules that we need to help:

1 - When you are leaving a sporting event, concert, etc where there are a TON of cars, please use the one from each side processes (you know, I go, you go, person behind me goes, person behind you goes, etc.) It really makes the whole parking lot empty much faster.
2 - Driving a car at 80mph down the freeway is not the time to be putting on makeup, reading a newspaper or book, etc.
3 - Just because you turn on that blinker doesn't mean you get to immediately move over into my lane! Wait until there is some space!
4 - Lay off the horn, it just irritates people more, and sometimes just down right scares the crap out of that bad driver making them do something more stupid!
5 - The HOV lanes are for cares with more than ONE person in them!! Quit crossing the double white lines to dash in and out of those lanes at your will! (And, why does there never seem to be a police officer around to catch these idiots?)
6 - You are not to drive just 55 mph in the fast lane on the freeway. The fast lane for those who don't know is the far left lane, or the passing lane.
7 - When you see a sign that a lane is giong to end, begin merging as soon as you can. Do NOT wait and try to drive down to the very last minute and force yourself in. In TX, you might get shot for something like that!

I'm sure this list could be about 50 items long, but I just needed to vent a bit! Thanks for reading! Comment and share some of your driving pet peeves and suggestions!


  1. There's a cop there when I move into the HOV lane when I'm not supposed to. :(

    I don't know why he isn't there when everyone else does it.

  2. So obviously something sparked this little story....please tell.

    Also, where is Freckles' picture??

  3. You know, that dog just doesn't want his dang picture taken! He makes it nearly impossible. I'm still working on it though.