Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Can See!!

Had a follow-up at the eye doctor yesterday afternoon to see if I could change the multifocal contact lense because my reading still wasn't where I'd want it. I tried reading for the tech with the old contact. At this point, she looks at me really funny and says "how old are you?". I guess I was pulling my arms too far out to read! I kind of quietly said "44". She said "You are WAY too young to have these kinds of problems".. Whew... at least that was kind of a compliment!! So, we tried a bit stronger contact. Then, tried a contact in both eyes but that messed up my distance vision. We went with one stronger contact in the right eye and I LOVE IT!!! I can see my computer monitor and read without glasses!! Now, it won't be obvious to strangers I have the "over 40" eyes! I'm sure AJSDAD will have a snide comment about that last statement!


  1. Oh, that hurt. :P

    I'm happy that you can see again -- and that you don't have to have your arms extended.

    Heck, I'm happy that I can see again.

  2. And YEAH for both of you with the "no more glasses" look!