Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can I have some Peace??

What a crazy week already!! Monday night my dear hubbie started back to school and just so happened on the same evening, Ethan's car broke down. So, between me and my dad we worked on it and ended up towing it home. It needs a new starter, which we ordered yesterday. It's always something when you own a classic!

Last night while we were upstairs helping Charles with homework, Furbaby #2 (Holly), got a casserole dish that we'd cooked meatloaf in off the counter, where it was waiting for Ethan to wash it. When she got it off the counter, it broke into pieces. I came downstairs to find blood EVERYWHERE!!! She apparently had decided to still try to lick the yummy stuff out of the broken casserole and had cut up her tongue and mouth. It scared me to death! it looked like a major crime had occurred in my kitchen. Of course, I don't think she understood at all why Mommy was freaking out! Thank God though, she is okay and had just limited herself to my kitchen, where it was easy to clean. But, let me just share that the tongue in a dog sure does bleed A LOT!!! Ethan learned a lesson that he has to do dishes right away with her around! Yes, my teenage son does dishes! In our house, whoever cooks doesn't do dishes. Many nights he'll choose to cook instead of having to do the dishes. He will make someone a great husband one day!

Charles is back in class again tonight and I hope it's a much calmer evening!

On a side note, I am so proud of Shauna. She got selected by her school to represent them at PSIA competition in the categories of Storytelling and Creative Writing. The competition is next month!


  1. I don't know why my reader doesn't post your stuff til 3AM. I feel all behind the times...

    Glad Holly Girl is better. Now if only YOU could get better!

  2. Seems like everybody had a crazy week. Is it the lingering Friday the 13th vibes? Hope things calm down for you!