Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of School Year Fun

Busy times begin as the school year comes to an end every year. This year, Shauna had her bridging ceremony from Brow.nie to Jun.ior Gi.rl Sc.out. We went over to my friend Kimbo's house the night before to make a cake for the occassion. Kimbo makes beautiful cakes, but she let Shauna and me do a lot of the work this time! Shauna was thrilled that she got to make all the little faces. Thanks Kimbo, we had a blast!!

The girls all look so serious here because their leader is telling them how much fun she had as their leader and the responsibilities of being a Jun.ior.

At the end of year award at her school, Shauna won the Positive Attitude award in her class. She thought thas the best award she could possibly get, so she was very proud! She also performed with after school choir and they sang 3 wonderful songs. It was obvious they've worked hard all year because there are only 10 of them and they sounded fab! The entire school sang a song called "One Song" and it made me get all teary eyed! I have no idea where it comes from but it's beautiful.
I have to include this picture too because my little stinker was trying to avoid having her picture taken. But, I snapped it anywayand I think it turned out cute.

It's officially summer for Shauna. Now, we just have to get Ethan through this week and we're done!


  1. Yay for summer and baking cakes!

  2. So you're last post was it's officially summer for Shauna.

    can we get an it's officially fall for Shauna post now 3 months later? :-P

  3. or at least an ex drama story?