Monday, November 9, 2009

Bad Sportsmanship

Shauna had a softball game on Thursday night. As a reminder, she is 7 so she plays in an 8 and under division. The team we played against (well, not really the team - the parents/coaches) were nasty from the get-go. When our girls first got up to bat, they were yelling rude comments. The umpire had to tell them they couldn't do that. Really? You are an adult and you have to be told to not talk that way to little girls? That was just the start! At one point, our assistant coach went to the umpire to get a rule clarification (something that happens all the time). The other team's scorekeeper started talking trash the our assistant coach. He looked at her and said "I was not talking to you ma'am, but to the umpire". I thought it was done in a very nice tone. The coaches for the other team had been throwing around bad language all night. In what turned out to be the last inning, their 3rd base coach said something really nasty which had just made our coach hit his limit. He walked over and asked him to watch his mouth. The other coach yelled "shut the f*** up" and proceeded to assault our coach! Both coaches were evicted from the game. We tried to continue play, but the other coaches started trying to charge our assistant coach. At that point, the ump called the game and declared us the winners. The girls were all scared with about 1/2 of them crying. They'd never seen anything like that before. I told Shauna it was just an example of very bad adult behavior! Scary part, we were to play them the next Saturday.

So, Saturday roles around and good sportsmanship prevailed. We beat the team 12-11. We definitely feel like we rose about the dirt and were rewarded!

A couple pictures of my little angel playing catcher for the first time. The gear is SO big on her. She actually had to wear her batting helmet because the catcher's mask was huge on her.

Ethan is recovering nicely from his ACL reconstruction surgery. He's still on crutches and can't move it much but he's progressing. He starts physical therapy on Friday, which isn't soon enough for him. We head to Austin Friday night for the first round of the 3A football playoffs. Really? We couldn't have found something closer than 2+ hours away???

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