Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving along

We went to Home.Depot last night to finalize payment on our countertops since we've had the official measurement done. While there, I told that they'd only given us $300 off instead of the full 10%, which should have been $420. So, she made an adjustment but she left the $300 discount too! So, we got another $720 off in addition to the free sink and edging. I'm loving this.

We then went through the stressful decision of picking a backsplash. We changed on our mind on what we originally wanted because I was worried with the pourusness (is that even a word) of the stone. I was afraid it would stain in the kitchen. So, we ended up going with a slate/travertine combination. I love it because it has all the colors of our countertops. Before we adhere it to the wall, we will wait until the countertops are installed and just prop them up to make sure we still like it. Here is what we picked:

We spent almost 2 hours at Home.Depot - way too long for me. The whole time Ethan kept saying "we should go to"! We bought our new stainless vent hood and new knobs for the cabinets.

We've decided now to put shutters in the breakfast room because I've been wanting that forever. So, now I need to schedule an appoinment for that! It is getting crazy! But, I'm sure the end result is going to be worth it.

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