Friday, May 8, 2009

Ready to start a new week

This has been a rough week. It started off Sunday evening when I noticed the area around our septic looked a bit strange. So, dear hubby lifted the lid on the 2nd tank (not a fun task, by the way) and we noticed it was completely full! Okay, time to freak out a bit but we placed a call on Monday to the septic company, who couldn't get anyone out until Tuesday. That guy came out and pumped out the tanks, at a cost of $560 by the way. He said he thought our pump had gone bad but he didn't work on that part of the system. Apparently, as I've learned, the septic system is very specialized. We did get a recommendation from him and called that guy immediately. He said he'd be out Wednesday but to be careful with showers, don't do laundry, etc. HELLO, we are family of 4, that can't go on for long. Septic pump guy comes on Wednesday and says that it is the pump, but he doesn't have the right one! argh... he must come back the next day. This after I've already taken a day 1/2 off from work to deal with this. At least, we finally did get it fixed last night, at a cost of $679.

My mobile device decided to quit working for receiving email while I was home on Wednesday and it still isn't working right. Frustration because it only works when I'm home through our WiFi... kinda defeats the whole purpose of the "mobile" device. I need to be MOBILE!

On another note, I noticed that there was some mold/mildew on the wall of my closet. Of course, that always gets big attention so we noticed the carpet was wet. EEK! So, we had to tear out the sheetrock to see what was going on. Luckily, it didn't turn out to be a big deal, but we had to dry out the carpet and pad. Now that it's finally dry, we'll have to put in insulation and new sheetrock because we had to get rid of the old since it was moldy. I want my closet back!!

Then, yesterday afternoon when I picked Shauna up from school, she was sick with a stomach virus. It has continued today and she missed school. Hope she's better tomorrow because she has two softball games and a school carnival.

I'm definitely ready to get this week behind me! Next week has to be better.

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  1. Since I am behind on reading my blogs I just got to this today. Which, of course, I know your week didn't start off so peachy.

    You and Charles need a romantic weekend away. Since your septic system sucked away any romantic weekend getaway money you may have had maybe you can drive to Brenham for a weekend. :(