Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eyes and Age!

Okay, so 10 years ago, I had LASIK surgery on my right eye. At the time, I was told by doing one eye it would delay the need for reading glasses. Fast forward and it was like the light switched off two years ago at age 42! I needed reading glasses for everything. At work, I wear them about 75% of the time because I need them to see my monitor!! Yesterday, I left my glasses at home (down to one pair because Furbaby #2 ate my other pair!) and I couldn't see anything all day. Today I go back to my favorite eye doctor, Dr. Y. Shock of shocks, my left eye has become dominant and completely corrected itself for distance vision!! My right eye, which had the LASIK, now needs a little distance correction. I told Dr. Y I'm SICK of glasses all the time, so we are going to try one multi-focal contact in my right eye. Unfortunately, my strength was not in stock, so it is on order. I can't wait to try this and hopefully alleviate my need for reading glasses. Maybe I can just go to one on my bedside table for that nighttime reading I love so much! But the lesson in all this is that is SUCKS getting old!


  1. Awww you poor thing. LOL

    Oh and where are pics of you and hubby for all us internets to see?

  2. Wow. It DOES suck to get old. I guess I will find out in 20 or so years. I'll only be 21 next week.

  3. I only have pics of me and hubby when I was fat - don't want to post those!!!